World Series 2016

Hello loyal readers, <insert apology for not blogging more here.>

The World Series is upon us again as the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians look to end 2 of the longest droughts in baseball history. It’s been a great post season so far with sweeps and game 6’s and extra innings to keep even the most casual fan up late on a weeknight. The Editor and I have spent many a night on the couch enjoying the national pastime. Even though we are Canadian, we can still refer to it as such. Shame about the Blue Jays, that would have been cool. Best of luck to both teams but I will issue yet another doomed to fail prognostication.

Will the red hot Indians’ bats be enough to quell the league’s best regular season record? Will the curse of the billy goat be put to rest? Will the city of Cleveland get to celebrate an MLB championship hot on the heels of their NBA title?

This little pup thinks the goat will finally be laid to rest, in 6 games.

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NBA Finals Rematch!

HEY HEY loyal readers, thanks for visiting.

The 2015-2016 NBA Finals are upon us with an exciting rematch of last year’s combatants, The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. As we all know the Warriors took out a Cavaliers team riddled with injuries in last year’s Finals. Will the rematch be any different or will a fully powered Cavs team finally bring a championship to the city of Cleveland and it’s long-suffering fans?

Usually I would give predictions, prognosticate on what I feel the future will hold, put myself out there for all the internet to behold…..and I am usually wrong. In the spirit of not jinxing any team I’m going to stay quiet on this one. Here’s to a good season finale. May the best team win, although I think I already know who that is, but you won’t catch me saying it out loud.

Stay awesome,


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Happy Post Halloween!

I know it’s a few weeks late but Happy Post Halloween!! I found a couple pics and wanted to share.

The full body runway pose.

The full body runway pose.

The 8x12 glossy cover shot

The 8×12 glossy cover shot

Stay awesome kiddos!

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Marley sleeping

Another in our ongoing series of cute dogs sleeping. Please enjoy Marley at his most vulnerable.  😀


Comfy on a belly.


Making a bed out of a couch pillow.


Cuddling with Yogi.


Cuddling with Yogi and another warm lap.


Wait…is he alive?? 🙂


Marley/Toby Ying Yang


Cuddling with Boo-Boo


In the super cool pet hut!


One final cuddle pic – with the new toy he got that day.

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Sleeping dogs in cute poses.

An ongoing series here at One Dog’s World. Please enjoy Yogi and Boo-Boo at their most relaxed.


Two dog pile up


Yogi getting self conscious after photo 1 was taken.


Boo-Boo half awake.

Yogi  all tuckered out

Yogi all tuckered out

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Suddenly a ……horse??


Let me set the scene for you. The Editor and his beautiful wife were on vacation, heading to their favourite camping spot when all of a sudden a strange animal appeared on the highway ahead.  This was not your run-of-the-mill deer or even something cooler like a moose. Imagine their surprise to see a horse was trotting down the highway.

A bit of running around trespassing on other people’s property soon found the horse’s home. Bribing with apples followed and he was stashed back in the coral with two lovely foals. I love a happy ending!

Photo0147 Photo0148 Photo0149

Then they saw this guy, not as cool, but a great day for wildlife watchers all around.


Stay awesome.


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Milo the bunny


I am back with a new installment of cute animal pictures. I hope to have a new post every few days for the next while. Let’s start it off with Milo the bunny, on a leash, eating apples. Never thought I would write that last sentence.

Photo0103 Photo0104 Photo0105

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